Dynamic Pioneer, Inc. (DP) is a full-service technical consulting, IT security, and professional services firm founded in April 2017. DP was established to provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative cybersecurity and technical IT services to federal agencies and commercial organizations. Our services provide a balance of cost and quality that enables our clients to maximize their return on investments.

Why Choose Dynamic Pioneer?

At Dynamic Pioneer, our primary goal is to become a trusted partner to our customer and provide exceptional services and know-how to address any requirement. We are dedicated in ensuring our clients' IT environments are functional, secure, protected, and in compliance so that our clients can focus on their mission and business functions. We are extremely focused on making our customers priority, our priority. We have a successful history of providing cybersecurity, technical, and operations support services to our DoD and federal clients. We are proud of the relationships we have developed through the phenomenal work in support of our customers. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner.


Our roadmap to achieving sustainable growth begins here.


Deliver innovative solutions to complex challenges for our customers and maintain a growing relationship moving forward.


Be the premier leader in providing technical consulting, IT security, and professional services to support the mission of our customers.


► RELIABILITY: Be reliable in all actions and words.

► EXCELLENCE: Exceed beyond the client expectation.

► INNOVATION: Think ahead and offer new ideas.

Executive Team

Dynamic Pioneer was founded with an entreprenuerial sprit and passion for serving our clients. Our executive team is dedicated to serving our customers and helping them overcome their biggest challenges.

Paul Spence

Vice President, Executive

Dynamic Pioneer Capabilities Statement

For a download version of Dynamic Pioneer Capabilities Statement, Click here to download the PDF